Why target start-ups in New Zealand?

Property Daily NZ – Market Talk – October 2016

Property Daily is focused on targeting tenants that are experiencing ongoing growth and what this means for the office leasing and fitout markets in New Zealand. Often smaller start-up companies can go under the radar of both agents and designers when they are new to the market and are looking for their first office space. An example of this is virtual reality tech company Beek, who have no permanent office operations yet in Wellington, but anticipate a requirement of 100sqm+ in future to accommodate growth.

Other examples of successful growth companies that Property Daily has covered and are worth keeping on your radar include:

RocketWerkz – 1,000sqm+ (Dunedin)
• Secure Com – 600sqm+ (Auckland)
• Payless Energy – 200sqm+ (Dunedin)

High growth companies are widespread across New Zealand – within three to five years, it is estimated that technology exports will outpace the Dairy Industry as New Zealand’s largest exports.  It is easy to see why these organisations are having an impact on the commercial office leasing markets across New Zealand and should be an important focus of commercial office leasing and fit-out experts.

Roam is another example of a fast growth company with likely upcoming office requirements in Auckland. The Auckland-based digital product agency launched in 2013 with just five (5) staff members. It now employs 37 people in total, and expects to increase its staff count within the next 12 months.  While the organisation has not yet considered its longer term office requirements, this is expected to occur in a similar timeframe. Roam is currently located in the Auckland fringe, on level 5 and part level 3 at 17 Customs Street.

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