Property Daily Insights – Winter 2016

Computer vision company Jemsoft sees the light in Adelaide HQJemsoft Logo

– Tim Humphrey, Editor

After almost an hour long conversation with Jordan Green, CEO of Jemsoft in Adelaide, I am convinced of why smaller Australian cities will see some surprisingly big office requirements over the coming 24-36 months.

Mr Green puts the case quite clear why his dynamic software company will also be headquartered in the city of churches. “It’s all about lifestyle – my commute from work to home is six (6) minutes and I can offer staff a better lifestyle compared to what is on offer in a larger city.  The money we save on office rental in Adelaide compared to say Sydney or Hong Kong, goes straight back into developing our software and a better workplace for our staff” he said.

Jemsoft is set to triple its staff count in Adelaide over the coming 12 months and is already mapping out in short term office expansion in Australian and internationally. Mr Green founded his company only two years ago and already has 18 staff employed in its CBD office, with right of first refusal over adjacent floors.  “We leased a 250sqm floor in December last year at 15-17 Featherstone Place and can quite quickly bump up our space requirements to 900sqm within months” he said.  Although Adelaide is not necessarily synonymous with the technology start-up scene, Mr Green is quietly confident that companies like his can have an impact on the local economy.  “It’s not out of the question that we could have a 3,000-4,000sqm office space requirement in the CBD within 4-5 years”.

For commercial property players on the frontfoot in terms of client contact, successful start-ups like Jemsoft are worth talking to as growth plans materialise.  Not only is Jemsoft likely to establish an office in Melbourne, but setting up permanent offices in New York and Shanghai are also on the cards when they expand internationally. Mr Green is also conscious of using local suppliers to help design and fit-out future offices – “where possible, we will try and use Australian suppliers in our office expansion down the track”.

Interestingly, Jemsoft’s own business offering has potential to change the way that commercial property companies do their everyday business.  Facial recognition capabilities have the potential to replace the need for building access cards, while trainable computer vision solutions can provide  competitive intelligence and analysis of office market changes in real time.