Co-working spaces growing in popularity

Property Daily NZ – Market Talk – October 2016

The landscape of the office market is rapidly changing and New Zealand is paving the way with a bunch of new co-working spaces opening in major cities across the country.  With the need for both companies and employees to work in a way that no longer fits the typical nine to five day in a solo cubicle, co-working is swiftly expanding to adapt to the changing market.

Lachlan Sloan, the Chief Operating Officer of one of the largest co-working providers in New Zealand, Biz Dojo, makes a great point about why the this new sub-sector has taken off.

“Our world is fast moving to being 40 per cent freelancers and that growing employment category means that people now work differently and need access to shared resources. Shared spaces like co-working are there to support that growing segment.”

Biz Dojo currently has offices in AucklandChristchurch and Wellington and is looking to expand its operations further in these cities as well as smaller locations.  It is expecting to occupy 15,000sqm within the next twelve months.

Co-working is the new gym membership of the office sector.  Tenants can choose from a range of options to accommodate different needs and habits.  Some spaces offer 24/7 access to allow tenants to work when and how they want.  While others create atmosphere by providing an in house barista and copious amounts of coffee.  The flow on effect of this is the changing design requirements, with operators needing to provide different incentives and areas to accommodate the creative, tech and freelance style of collaboration.  Innov8HQ is a Dunedin based provider that includes wellness facilities for occupiers to use.  It sets itself apart with a heavy focus on health and productivity including sit/stand desks and open plan functions designer by McAuliffe Stevens Architects.

Take a look at some of the other co-working opportunities Property Daily has profiled include The Icehouse – 400sqm (Auckland), Quad Cowork – 600sqm+ (Christchurch) and WOTSO – 1,000sqm (Auckland).


Johan Merchant
(Co-founder and CEO)
(CEO Biz Dojo based in Auckland)

Lachlan Sloan
(Chief Operating Officer)
Direct: 027 624 3555