Automation Associates – Audio visual requirements becoming more prevalent

Kaila Whitter – Senior Market Reporter

Why is audio visual design so ubiquitous in this age?

And how can we keep up to date with the leading edge of designs for commercial interiors?

As technology continues to evolve and audio visual requirements for commercial buildings become more advanced, audio visual designers are required to remain updated on requirements to successfully comply with the client’s specific needs.

I had a conversation with Frank Bantjes, Director of Automation Associates Commercial in New Zealand. The enthusiasm he holds for his work in audio visual design is infectious.  I was curious about the approach they take to keep up-to-date with leading-edge technology in audio visual trends.  Frank emphasised that there must be a strong working relationship not only with the client, but also the team of employees you work with. Frank puts keeping up with the market trends down to “the importance of having a dedicated team of techy boys whose sole purpose on this planet is to design awesome technology solutions, and to stay on top of global trends”.

One of Automation Associates Commercial’s greatest achievements to date was the completion of the 16,000sqm Fonterra Co-Operative HQ in Auckland – “This constituted the largest single corporate AV deployment in the country”.

When in the design phase should audio visual design be mapped out?

It is considered proactive to engage a consulting engineer with an AV design capability to facilitate the initial discussions with a client.  From there concept design is completed, followed by a tender to the more specific AV integration market.

Clients, however don’t always acknowledge the effect that the AV tech design has on a project when putting together the initial plans for a fit-out or refurbishment.  If this is overlooked in the overall design process, it can create a high level of problems.  By appointing and working with an audio visual specialist, this ensures that all elements of design and implementation of the AV work are being completed with precision and accuracy, within the client’s budget and schedule.